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Cleaner water... lower cost... less labor... no chemicals... valuable byproduct!

The FogBusters™ System is a revolutionary technology for removing fat, oil and grease (FOG) from wastewater. This elegantly simple, patented technology works in conjunction with your current treatment systems to recover the FOG from your wastewater without the use of chemicals.  The FogBuster™ can be installed (1) at the head of your oily wastewater before it reaches your DAF, (2) on oily streams well upstream of the DAF (0.5%-50% FOG) or (3) in place of your current DAF or other system.  Whatever the situation, the FogBuster will fit into your existing process to minimize downstream load and maximize recoverable oil.

  • Your wastewater treatment system struggles to keep you in compliance,
  • Your chemical and/or sludge disposal costs are high,
  • Your FOG content limits effective treatment of your wastewater,  or
  • You wish you could sell your oily waste as a valuable feedstock for biodiesel,
...THEN contact FogBusters, an established solution to put you in compliance, save you money, and generate new revenues.

The Fogbuster In Action – One Minute Could Change Your Life.


What Is a Goslyn™?
The world’s most advanced grease separator; an UNDER THE SINK, inexpensive solution to your kitchen grease headaches…

  • Goslyn is a liquid separator that removes virtually 100% of the Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) in waste water effluent – Typical FOG discharge is reduced from 18,500 ppm to 62 ppm!!
  • A built-in food strainer prevents solids from entering the drain.
  • Goslyn’s revolutionary design – with NO moving parts (no motors, belts, timers, controls, nothing to program makes it EASY TO USE
  • Because the oil is removed automatically and instantaneously there is no smell because there is no rancid oil.
  • Goslyn is the only grease device that comes with a 5 YEAR WARRANTY!!!
Product Description
The Goslyn™ is an immiscible liquid separator which operates under hydro static pressure and does not have any moving parts. Innovative (patent pending) technology has the capability to continuously and permanently remove Fats, Oils & Greases from waste effluent. It keeps drains free and clear while eliminating the need for costly dousing systems or grease trap pumping. It also removes the solid debris that gets past drain baskets. It is typically these solids, mixing with the fats, oils and greases, that cause the majority of drain blockages.

Can be sized for any application including flow rates over 100 gpm

Why Does Goslyn Make Economic Sense? Because:

  • You PERMANENTLY stop paying for grease trap service
  • You no longer need to use grease trap chemical.
  • And the Oil you recover can be sold for biodiesel raw material.
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