Performance Capabilities

The FogBusters™ System is a revolutionary technology for removing fat, oil and grease (FOG) from wastewater. This elegantly simple, patented technology works in conjunction with your current treatment systems to recover the FOG from your wastewater without the use of chemicals.  The FogBuster™ can be installed (1) at the head of your oily wastewater before it reaches your DAF, (2) on oily streams well upstream of the DAF (0.5%-50% FOG) or (3) in place of your current DAF or other system.  Whatever the situation, the FogBuster will fit into your existing process to minimize downstream load and maximize recoverable oil.

  • Greater than 90% recovery of FOG with moisture content in the extracted oil < 5%.
  • Corresponding reductions in BOD, COD and TSS.
  • Easy to install without disrupting ongoing operations.
  • Low effluent throughput (25 GPM) to high effluent throughput (up to 400 GPM per module).
    o Multiple modules for larger volumes.
    o Smaller models available for smaller volumes.
  • Modularized for side-by-side installations at larger sites.
  • Indoor or outdoor operation.
  • 24/7 operation 365 days/year.
  • Water temperatures from 32°F/0°C to boiling.
  • Any pH.

Automatically senses the presence of incoming effluent with an oil content >50% (as in a spill) and dilutes accordingly back down to <50%, as required for the separation process

FogBusters’ superior performance stems from the power and simplicity of its design. Unlike conventional separators with many moving parts, FogBusters extracts suspended and emulsified oils hydraulically, using the basic physics of buoyancy plus the relative coefficients of expansion for oil and water.  Operated automatically via Siemens or Allen-Bradley control systems, separation occurs without any mechanized parts...minimizing maintenance and increasing reliability.

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