The self-cleaning grease trap that saves you money!

What Is a Goslyn™?

Goslyn is unquestionably the world’s best grease trap…a simple, under-the-sink solution to kitchen grease challenges.

  • Goslyn is an automatic grease trap, also known as an Automatic Grease Removal Device (AGRD or GRD).
  • Goslyn cleans itself…so you don’t need to pay a grease trap service to clean it.
  • Goslyn’s small footprint fits on the floor below your sink. So you don’t pay to bury it underground or under the floor.
  • Unlike other grease traps, Goslyn catches fully 99% of all grease. So you don’t pay to have grease blocks removed from your drains.
  • Goslyn runs on gravity alone with no moving parts. So you don’t pay to maintain a grease-skimming wheel assembly, electric motor or electronic timer.
  • Goslyn’s simplicity makes it the most economical, reliable, durable, easy-to-use AGRD available. The only AGRD with a full 5-year warranty on everything.
The Goslyn In Action – One Minute Could
Change Your Life



Goslyn is the world’s most advanced grease trap.  All automatic grease traps expel captured grease into an adjacent plastic container.  But only Goslyn expels grease using gravity alone…with no moving parts.  All other automatic grease traps rely on rotating  grease skimmers that are quite complicated…and therefore prone to problems.  Typically a grease-skimming wheel is driven by an electric motor regulated by an electronic timer that’s programmed by an electronic keypad.  That’s a lot of stuff to go wrong.  

Can be sized for any application including flow rates over 100 gpm


  • Eliminates the need for monthly grease trap service.
  • Cuts drain maintenance costs by preventing grease blockages.
  • Eliminates the high installation costs of underground or in-floor traps.
  • Captured grease is pure enough to sell to make into biodiesel.

Goslyns come in sizes from 4 to 200 GPM (gallons per minute).  The 10 GPM Goslyn GOS40 handles a 3-compartment sink and is our most popular size.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few common questions.  Can’t find an answer?  

Goslyn is an automatic grease trap with an ingenious but simple interior design that uses gravity to generate a hydrostatic force that expels grease from the interior into an adjacent grease collection container.  We sell much larger versions of the same technology to food processing factories that need to separate fat, oil or grease (“FOG”) from their wastewater.  Automatic grease traps are recognized and accepted as “Grease Removal Devices” (ARDs) in the Uniform Plumbing Code (UPC) that is the basis for all state plumbing codes.

Goslyn is best-in-class. It’s the most economical, reliable, durable automatic grease trap in the world. These advantages are based on Goslyn’s simplicity; Goslyn expels grease with an incredibly simple, gravity-driven design with no moving parts, motors, timers or control panels. This simplicity leaves very little room for machine or human failure. In contrast, all other automatic grease traps have complex electro-mechanical systems that can clog, fail or lead to operator error. They typically have a spinning grease skimmer, electric motor, electronic timer and programmable control panel. Simple is simply better.

Grease rises and floats to the top of Goslyn’s main interior chamber.  Water pressure inside the chamber pushes grease out of a one-way valve in the “ceiling” of that chamber.  The grease then slides down a chute into the plastic collection container hanging on the side of the Goslyn.


The water pressure that pushes the grease out is generated by the weight of the clean water column exiting Goslyn’s outlet.  The Goslyn has been cleverly designed so that exiting water column is just the right height to exert the right amount of “hydrostatic” back pressure into the main interior chamber.

Goslyns are easy to install.  Any licensed plumber can install a Goslyn in a few hours.  Complete installation instructions are provided.  Goslyns have a small footprint and usually fit below a sink or an adjacent drip shelf or prep table.

The 4 GPM Goslyn GOS20 is suitable for a stand-alone rinse station with a spray hose.  The 10 GPM Goslyn GOS40 is suitable for a 3-compartment sink (plus an adjacent rinse station if there is one).   It is also suitable for chicken rotisseries and combi-ovens.  We can advise on other situations and have 15, 25, 50, 100 and 200 GPM models.  Note that automatic grease traps are sized by their flow rate in GPM (gallons per minute), unlike conventional grease traps and interceptors that are sized by volume (gallons) which is entirely different and not convertible into GPM.


Save Money

Prevent Drain Clogs

Be Greener.


  • Grease trap service
  • Drain chemicals
  • Drain rooting


  • Odor
  • Drain blocks
  • Sewer overflows


  • Underground installation
  • In-floor installation
  • Grease traps that rust


A stainless steel box that fits on the floor under a sink or kitchen counter.  With a clear plastic grease container hanging from its side. 

Removes grease before wastewater goes down the drain.  Gets water super clean…cutting your drain maintenance costs. 

Pushes captured grease into the removable plastic container for easy disposal.  So you don’t have to pay a service to come clean the grease trap. 

Much easier and cheaper to install than an in-floor or underground grease trap.

Just How Efficient & Effective Is It?


  • 5-year warranty on all parts.
  • Built to last decades.
  • Heavy-duty construction: 100% high-grade, heavy-gauge stainless steel (2.5 mm, 304).
  • Strainer Basket at inlet keeps food particles out.
  • Inlet flow restrictor prevents excessive flow rate.
  • Integral heater keeps grease liquid.
  • Heater operates only when needed (thermostat).
  • Flush valve provides superior odor control.
  • Easy interior access via hinged doors on lid.
  • Two oil collection containers included.
  • No moving parts. No motor. No electronics.
  • No control panel. No programming required.
  • High reliability, durability, maintainability and ease-of-use due to extreme simplicity.
  • Meets applicable industry codes and standards including IAPMO, UL, IPC, UPC, IRC, NPC, ASME, PDI and CSA


  • Goslyns capture 99% of grease unlike conventional grease traps (70% max) and underground interceptors (80% max). This prevents grease from blocking your building drains and city sewers. When grease blocks city sewers, raw sewage escapes and flows into nearby waters, killing wildlife (and sometimes closing beaches). This is a real and significant problem in all cities. So Goslyn’s 99% capture rate protects your building drains and the environment.
  • Goslyns capture grease pure enough to recycle into biodiesel fuel.


Thousands of Goslyns are in use in the US and worldwide at McDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC, Taco Bell, Burger King, Starbucks, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, Costco, Sam’s Club, Safeway, IHOP, Buffalo Wild Wings, Wing Street, Marriott, Hyatt, Hilton and other restaurants, hotels and supermarkets.

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